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He made us…pancakes

This guy will do what it takes for his daughter to eat pancakes. Prince is so good he just makes it for you and you’ll eat it but that’s besides the point. Give this guy some credit though, he should have his own show on the food network channel.

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Bowling Screens

We’ve all gone bowling, but check out the different score keeper screens. Such variety, for the most part they are generic but there are a few that are pretty interesting. Click on the link below for the rest. Enjoy.

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Mr Impossible

Sexy sexy. A chair that has the illusion of a seat floating. It is supported by legs which are made of clear plastic. So simple yet beautiful. I wonder how much weight it can support.



same old mario…ok so what.

wait…what?! what are these guys doing here?

Holy CRAP! eat round balls goomba!

blast some foos as megman

link has a cute little sword. 😉

Super Mario Bros…with other classic nintendo characters! HOLY CRAP!!! You can play the original SMB game with a character besides mario or luigi. You have the options of playing with mario, link from zelda, simon from castlevania, the dude from contra, sammus from metroid, and megaman! When you get a mushroom your guy changes to an alternate color and the flower gives you a special weapon/attack. This is what game nerds dream of! Thanks to Kmak and E-Wreck!
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