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BMW…like a rock…errrr i mean made of rock!

In Beijing, a BMW made from stone, is found on the streets. Try pushing that into a tow away zone and kick back with a beer and enjoy the amusement when the tow truck breaks down! The song is only appropriate for this. Enjoy.

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Home Draught!

Pretty sweet to have a ice cold draught beer at home. It’s even better when you don’t have to choose heineken because that’s the only mini keg available at your local grocery store. The website design isn’t half bad either. You can count on us to have this at our studio once we’re up and running. Enjoy.

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Knives you wanna hang on the wall.

Small flat-dwellers, rejoice: these nesting knives rest on top of each other, with the proportions subscribing to the Fibonacci sequence for extra cool kudos. Available now for under $915.

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He made us…pancakes

This guy will do what it takes for his daughter to eat pancakes. Prince is so good he just makes it for you and you’ll eat it but that’s besides the point. Give this guy some credit though, he should have his own show on the food network channel.

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Bowling Screens

We’ve all gone bowling, but check out the different score keeper screens. Such variety, for the most part they are generic but there are a few that are pretty interesting. Click on the link below for the rest. Enjoy.

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Mr Impossible

Sexy sexy. A chair that has the illusion of a seat floating. It is supported by legs which are made of clear plastic. So simple yet beautiful. I wonder how much weight it can support.


Tarantino film posters go retro

Tarantino films! Wait…plus graphic design?!?! HOW SWEEETTTT!!!! Gotta love the simplistic style and the “movies in 5 seconds” idea. I’ve always been a huge Tarantino fans starting with Pulp Fiction and Resevoir Dogs. It just doesn’t seem like I can really be too disappointed when I watch his films. One thing I do notice why I love his films are the songs he uses in the movies. Enough about me and my movies. Enjoy.

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