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BMW…like a rock…errrr i mean made of rock!

In Beijing, a BMW made from stone, is found on the streets. Try pushing that into a tow away zone and kick back with a beer and enjoy the amusement when the tow truck breaks down! The song is only appropriate for this. Enjoy.

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He made us…pancakes

This guy will do what it takes for his daughter to eat pancakes. Prince is so good he just makes it for you and you’ll eat it but that’s besides the point. Give this guy some credit though, he should have his own show on the food network channel.

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same old mario…ok so what.

wait…what?! what are these guys doing here?

Holy CRAP! eat round balls goomba!

blast some foos as megman

link has a cute little sword. 😉

Super Mario Bros…with other classic nintendo characters! HOLY CRAP!!! You can play the original SMB game with a character besides mario or luigi. You have the options of playing with mario, link from zelda, simon from castlevania, the dude from contra, sammus from metroid, and megaman! When you get a mushroom your guy changes to an alternate color and the flower gives you a special weapon/attack. This is what game nerds dream of! Thanks to Kmak and E-Wreck!
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Tarantino film posters go retro

Tarantino films! Wait…plus graphic design?!?! HOW SWEEETTTT!!!! Gotta love the simplistic style and the “movies in 5 seconds” idea. I’ve always been a huge Tarantino fans starting with Pulp Fiction and Resevoir Dogs. It just doesn’t seem like I can really be too disappointed when I watch his films. One thing I do notice why I love his films are the songs he uses in the movies. Enough about me and my movies. Enjoy.

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Anh Oi! Apparel designed with the spirit of Vietnam.

M is for Cat……it makes sense in Vietnamese. trust me.

owl says: “penis penis!” while the bird says: “vagina vagina!”

Self explanatory, but good odds.

Heo is pig/pork in Vietnamese.

I became a fan of this group on Facebook because it sounded funny. Took a look at the site and actually enjoyed the designs and humor of the shirts. It reminded me of my “Hi em gai” which is similar to a sleazeball saying “hey baby girl.” Overall a well put together small company, Check out their other designs and shirts. enjoy.

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The Art of the Brick

Everyone played with legos as a kid. These artists still do! Either you find it really cool or a waste of time, whatever you do with your canoe. Check out the gallery for more amazing work.
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Business Card Ninja

This guy is awesome! From a design nerd stand point: what kind of card stock are those?