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Home Draught!

Pretty sweet to have a ice cold draught beer at home. It’s even better when you don’t have to choose heineken because that’s the only mini keg available at your local grocery store. The website design isn’t half bad either. You can count on us to have this at our studio once we’re up and running. Enjoy.

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Why can’t the U.S. do something cool like this?

A 1:1 scale Gundam is being raised in Shizuoka, Japan to commemorate it’s 30th anniversary. Seriously why can’t the U.S. do this to bring more tourism? Maybe some true to life Transformers or something. The original Transformers, not the Michael Bay ones.

This Gundam will be completed July 24.

Gundam 1

Gundam 2

Gundam 3

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FORMation: KERN, the iphone game for type nerds!

Fun game, kinda like tetris but the closer you “fit” the letter in the better. enjoy type nerds!

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