Sweet Super SFIV Ads

Some pretty sweet designs from top urban artists. Check the link for more info.

via Capcom Unity


Japan: The Strange Country

Very interesting video on Japan. Beautiful design and infographics. Enjoy.

Sake Barrel Packaging


Medea Vodka


Every VIP table needs one of these. Forget the Cook’s Champagne!

Pantone App for Iphone

for all you color nerds.

If you’re a designer whose inspiration strikes while you’re on the go, Pantone has a new iPhone app for you: myPantone. The app gives graphic, multimedia, fashion, interior, and industrial designers the tools to capture, create, and share Pantone color palettes while they’re riding the bus to work, waiting on line at the supermarket checkout, or anywhere they happen to be.

via macworld

Business Card Ninja

This guy is awesome! From a design nerd stand point: what kind of card stock are those?

tramp? stamp?